Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break and Photos

I've been working a lot lately. However, I took last week off just to be with the Boy. Fun was on the agenda. We went to Brandon and enjoyed the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. We saw horse shows, the Superdogs, and the Kubota tractor that leveled the sand after every performance. The latter was the most exciting part for Isaiah.

The puddles on the driveway have dried up now, but they sure were fun!

Lots of silly time

And a brand new, shiny raincoat!

I managed to spend lots of time with friends and consume large amounts of coffee. The windows got cleaned, inside and out, with the help of the Husband. The fish filters were pulled out and cleaned. I finally caught up with laundry. It has, for the record, gotten away from me again.

I loved just chillin' with my Boy. He's growing up and it makes me happy and sad all at once. The daycare he is at now is awesome and I can see the influence of the older Boys on his language and play. He no longer giggles for a positive response to my questions. This week it turned to "yeah". And just like that my Baby disappeared! He talks full sentences most of the time and is a pretty happy kid. We're only up about once a night now. Eventually he will sleep through the night! Of that I am sure.

What a great week!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Blog Life

Of COURSE I'll keep it up. My brother and sister read it ! And if nobody else does, it would still be worth it. They don't "do" Facebook.