Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts on Assisted Reproduction

I just finished reading the following book:

I often keep details of the assistance we received private, saying only that we got some help to conceive this time around. We tried for 3 years and have often longed for a sibling for our Boy who is growing up so fast! The journey we found ourselves on was painful and personal. Being surrounded by mainly Christian identifying people, we learned to be careful. I asked around before we started treatments to see if I could figure out the flavor of opinions of people around us in regards to various fertility options. I am sad to say that Christians were generally the most closed minded and judgmental of those I spoke to without understanding of the ethics and processes involved.

I appreciate Dollar's account of their own story and the honesty with which she writes. I like that she comes to no real conclusion except for this... there is no easy choice in the context in which we live these days. And the right answer isn't the same for everybody. It's complex and mufti-faceted, personal and heart-wrenching.