Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moving Up

Unfortunately for the residents of District 4 (The Kildonans, Elmood, Transcona) there will be a major change on the streets. Winnipeg's finest Boy in Blue will no longer be fighting crime, keeping you safe, or driving unfortunate people to work after issuing a ticket.

He has taken a position in the Fraud unit. Mostly desk work. Lots of details and paper. A clothing allowance. Perfect for his obsessive-compulsive nature. He loves protocol, details, clothes.

Best of all, we may end up being married more than half time. Day and evening shifts. No more nights. Monday to Friday. Weekends off. Now I just have to find something with similar hours.

Congrats my street fighting, big hearted, superhero husband!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Faces of Beauty

On my side of the family there is only one grandchild. One beautiful boy, son of my brother and his wife. They live in Calgary, so our contact isn't as frequent as any of us would like. Now he's walking, saying a few words, and busy discovering the world.

Grandma bought him a wagon to use on his visits here. And a swing. And did I mention, he has his own bedroom at the farm? It used to be mine, I might add.

I don't even know what to say about this moment I caught on film... feisty!!

Hangin' with auntie Val.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Country vs City

I am a country gal. For a while in my early adulthood, I decided that I wasn't. I decided I was a city girl. So I moved to Winnipeg and enjoyed the pleasures of city living. I liked the fast paced life with people everywhere. I liked being able to be spontaneous and do what I wanted at any hour. I met and married the man of my dreams in the city. And he is a city boy through and through.

Part of what I love about him though is that he's open minded. How many city boys can help their father in law with the harvest?! He also promised that one day I could have my own horse again. Right now our lives work best in the city, with our jobs and other commitments. But we'd really like to move just outside, with a big lawn, no fences, and no neighbors who can see what we're doing if we leave the shades open. A place where land is counted as acres and miles, not blocks.

The last few days I've been itching to leave the urban world. And so, spontaneously, I packed up myself and my dog and drove to the farm yesterday. Mum and I went for a walk to the Seine River Diversion and Dad washed the John Deere tractor. The pups played. I sipped Mum's coffee and ate some homemade buns.

And that small dose of country rejuvenated me so that I could return to the city. For a little while longer.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm the kind of person who needs someone to look up to. As far back as I can remember, role models were vital for me. Women with more life experience than myself who could offer an objective perspective on my issues and struggles in life got me through the teenage and early young adult years. These women have taken the time to sit down with me for coffee, breakfast, or just talk time. I've always been able to lay out my thoughts and get good, level headed feedback.

"Are these thoughts rational or normal? How could I do this differently? Is this my fault? How do I do this marriage thing? What should I say to communicate effectively?"

I don't have anybody like this in my life right now, and I miss it. I miss being able to open myself up and be accepted. I miss rational advice. I miss being able to share my most confusing thoughts.

Sometimes I feel just a little alone. Just a little lost. Not usually. But sometimes.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ice Fields

We explored the Ice Fields today, Bentley and I. Sometimes
this place is a mere park. Other times it's enchanted.
Boots and paws, ready for a hike.

The thawing, freezing, and draining of the water is leaving thick plates of ice where the waterline once was. The red footbridge is in the background.

Due to a recent stretch of cold weather, I could walk on the ice without breaking through. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go nearly all of these places with all of the Manitoba mire underneath.

Oops! Bentley drops his ball in a place deemed unsafe due to severe slippage. He did eventually become brave enough to retrieve it himself.

Along the riverbanks are these scattered bunches of sticks. Note the glass floor in this picture. We correctly assumed that these were the homes of the keepers of the Ice Fields.

Since we were bound and determined to have winter deemed complete for the season, Bentley displayed a heroic demonstration of his strength by wrangling the biggest tree he could dislodge. It seemed for a moment that the tree would win, but after an intense struggle Bentley was victorious.

Naturally, the locals surrendered without a struggle.

And we immediately moved in.

The only quasi-edible plant life we found looked like green grapes. I'm pretty sure they aren't the variety used to make Ice-Wine. Does anyone recognize these?

Quite the adventuresome day!
I'm all tuckered out.
G'nite all

Missing Easter

I hate missing holidays. I had to work over Christmas, and now Easter. I didn't get to take in a church service, see my extended family, or even the Husband. It's part of the lines of duty that we've put ourselves in, I suppose. He worked nights, I worked days. Feels to me like the holiday hasn't happened yet.

Last month Mum said "I think I won't be making any Easter baskets for my kids this year". I might have protested just a little. And I might have a basket crammed full of more stuff than ever sitting on my table. Or maybe 2. The Husband and I couldn't possibly share.

At least we had a potluck at work yesterday and a superb crew.

The best part of my day: Dad joined me and my pooch for a walk in the park and we marvelled at shelves of ice, laughed at the dog, and enjoyed being together.

So I guess it wasn't totally non-holiday-ish. But it certainly was second rate. Easter dinner to come at the Husband's side next week. Yum!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


For all of you nosies out there, here's an update:

Last night was our first evening off together for a long time. After spending a few enjoyable hours at home group, we headed home to while away the hours until tiredness hit. Both of us were on late mode having come off evenings and nights. I asked the Husband to rent a movie. He chose a chick flick. We settled onto the couch with our pooch and enjoyed. It was a relaxing evening and communication flowed easily.

Tonight the Husband is balancing the girly girlness of last night with a serious Man-Date. Man-Dates have been happening for some time here. Together the boys make up the Travi (which includes a front AND back half) or the Uni-Trav. Various activities include beer and wings, watching 24, and tonight a new one - pool. I was going to disappear to the farm to give the boys their manly space. However, watching my pennies, as I do, I've decided to stay home. Turns out we need to head out there tomorrow for a check up with the vet anyways. Great, the boys said, you can make dinner.

And so I went grockering. Grockering is the verb for grocery shopping, for those who don't know. I came home and made a scrumptious pot of chili with lots of beans (sorry Lynds!) and cheesecake with wildberry topping for dessert.

I KNOW it was tasty.

I should win a "Good Wife" award. I've earned it.

Bentley has reached his one year mark. That means he's due for shots and a "check-up". The cost at the city vet I phoned - $86.50 plus tax. The country vet who has no decided schedule and works as a hobby - $40. Plus a free supper at Mum and Dad's at the other end. We also (finally) got him licensed today. Last time we tried they wanted proof of neuterization. Apparently "roll over" to prove said fact by the absence of testicles isn't proof. The girl we talked to this time was much more rational. Now he's legal. And he has a new collar and tag to prove it.