Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was phenomenal! A year ago I was a sad and tired Mama of a 7 month old who wouldn't sleep. Christmas was tiring instead of exciting.

This year I'm well rested. My family is settled in our beautiful house. Our toddler makes Christmas exciting again! I must admit, I've been caught up in the fun of the season. He's too little to understand the reason, but the thrill of pretty lights, a tree, packages, and new boys has renewed both mine and the Husband's excitement.

In spite of all of the positivity I've been feeling, I've also been aware of the depth of sadness around me. It makes me sad that people hurt each other. Myself included. I'm also blown away by the way that things turn out for the good. That the rot in my past has made me a better person and deepened my character. It makes me especially thankful for the Gift that Christmas celebrates. Thank God for grace.

My favorite part of Christmas, all dressed up

Oh YES - a plasma car!

Got the hang of this present thing

Walking the puppy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Things are a-changing for the Boy. He's 1 and a half now. Where did my Baby go? He does, however, have things he loves to hold on to and find comfort in. He loves his bottle - Bobbie, specifically. He loves his blanket - Dee Dee. He loves his Baby Einstein movie. And I must confess, he loves his Mum! He is a total Mama's boy.

A couple of days ago I decided to make some changes. Namely that Bobbie would become a less prominent figure in this house. I bought an Elmo sippy-type cup with a straw. The introduction wasn't of ecstatic proportions but was met with a small amount of possible interest. Over the last few days I've been encouraging Elmo and discouraging Bobbie except for before bed time. And it turns out he's sipping a lot less. And EATING a lot more!

Around the same time, and of his own accord, the Boy ditched Dee Dee. He decided the other blanket was really a better friend and has now adopted Nana's lovingly stitched quilt. I'm glad because he's really almost outgrown Dee Dee #1 and I was wondering how we would ever transition.

Next on the agenda - potty training! But not for a few months yet.

The Boy watching Baby Einstein with Bobbie and Dee Dee