Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suggestions for a Boring Day off

I had no plans when the Boy woke me up this morning. Just a relaxing day at home. After a while we decided to go check out the Mom's group in town. I'm not off on Thursdays as a rule and hadn't been able to attend at all this year.

As we were getting ready I had to run upstairs for something. "Mom, I had an accident" echoed up the stairs. What was that about? He never has accidents with #1 anymore. Off to the naughty chair, for he knows better. In fact, he took himself while I washed the floor and threw in a load of laundry. Just before leaving the house I called the Dog in. He didn't come. I tried that for 10 min with no luck. Tough luck for him, I figured. It's nice out and he can just hang out till I get home. A few minutes away from home I spotted him. And he spotted me. He started to race the car home so I followed and threw him in the house. Departure, take two.

After group we went to a neighboring town. Decided to try Chiropractic. Hey, maybe it'll help the Boy sleep better. You never know! I'll confess, the crackers scare me though. We went to see a clicker. The Boy did great. Maybe he even enjoyed it.

We grabbed some lunch at Chicken Chef, a rare treat. I figured he would fall asleep on the way home. But I should have known better. Upon walking in the house I noticed that nice fresh laundry smell. Perhaps a little too nice. And then I noticed the Blue puddle on the floor. And the Tide bottle tipped on it's side.

So I:

- did approximately 703 loads of laundry
- took the blue stained carpet outside and washed it with the hose
- and the other that I had repeatedly asked Husband to clean
- and one more for the heck of it
- washed the walls in the laundry room and entrance
- washed the entrance floor

I was planning to work out today but I think perhaps I already have.

The Boy was so busy helping the he forgot to have a nap. When I realized how late it was I decided to try a new approach. Set him up with his blanket and Mighty Machines while I had a bath. This plan failed as evidenced by the THUDS I've heard while upstairs. He says he was making a building for me. I don't know what that means at this point and am gladly procrastinating finding out as I'm sure it entails further cleaning.

Oh, and the Husband will be on his way home from work soon. I'd better get on supper!

Thank God for days "off"...