Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Niece

How complicated life can become in such a short time. I have learned a lot about the Baby my Brother and Sister-in-law are planning to welcome into their lives this coming May. A routine 20 week ultrasound revealed some concerns. Further testing revealed that I will have another niece, but also that she will be a very sick little girl. Among other concerns she has Dandy-Walker Variant, Hypo-plastic right heart syndrome, heterotaxy, and truncus arteriosis. It all boils down to a whole bunch of unknowns. It is likely that this beautiful girl will be held in her parents arms, surrounded by love as she goes into the arms of Jesus.

However, nothing is sure. She may live for 5 minutes. 5 days. 5 weeks. 50 years. We will have a better idea of her outcome at birth, but her heart conditions are serious and possibly "incompatible with life".

Her Mommy and Daddy love her. Her extended family loves her. I think we love her more fiercely than we would have otherwise at this stage in her growth as we realize how limited our time with her likely will be.

It will be a long road til May. And after that, only God knows.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reflections and Resolutions

Wow. It's 2010! That sounds much more futuristic than it actually is. A new year always prompts me to think about the year that I've left behind. I would say I'm more prone to thinking about the past than I am to making lots of New Year's resolutions.

Last year, in brief, was a year of changes. We've been packing the changes in in the last couple of years. We moved into our house in January. In April the Boy was hospitalized with respiratory issues. Then a few weeks later I secured the best Nursing job I could ever have dreamed for. We bought a second vehicle so that I could commute to work. This also opened up new possibilities for me to connect with others back in the city and in my new town. I gained a much needed 10 pounds. Since summer my life has become a nice kind of normal. There was so much good, and in the same breath, so much heartache. Life always seems to be such a mixture.

In the year ahead I have a few goals and wishes. I want to stay healthy in mind and body. It will mean more workouts at home and pursuing healthy friendships. I want to step outside of my comfort zone and create relationships, getting more involved with my community. I want my home to be warm and welcoming, nurturing and safe. I want my relationship with my Husband to grow stronger. I want my child to be healthy, potty trained, and in a big kid bed. I want to work on expanding our little family. I want to brush the dog more regularly and keep the fish tank cleaner. I want to have a strong back and find a new, amazing physiotherapist.

What did I just say about not making many resolutions? Oops.

But that shouldn't be too much to aim for. Should it?