Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun with Family

We got back from our road trip to Calgary a week ago already. Our time there was bittersweet. It was great to spend time with family and we really enjoyed meeting baby Rachel. She did well during the time we visited. Amazing considering that she's functioning on an essentially two chambered heart!

From a medical perspective, it's pretty cool the way her body has adapted around her defective heart. From a personal perspective it's just tragic.

The Flames House in Calgary is a pediatric palliative care center. I can't rave enough about the place. It sucks to have to be there but if you find yourself in a situation like this... what a blessing!

The Boy and I did find ourselves some fun. We went to the zoo, rode the C-train, and giggled past midnight on the mattress on the floor in a kind person's basement.

Here are some photos:

Air hockey with Auntie Jen. Also, it looks like he has big hips. This is an angle I've never seen of him....

The horses in Calgary are really tame. And odd looking. Giddy up!

The coolest swing of all time. Even Mummy wants to snuggle in and suck her thumb in this kind of cozy!

Extreme wheelchairing

Definitely cousins!