Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday morning when the Boy cried, I assumed the Husband would tend to him. That's our arrangement when I'm on days and the Husband is on evenings. It was 230 AM. I looked beside me. I appeared to be alone. I got up and fed and cuddled my son. When I returned to bed, I checked my cell phone. A text message stated that the Husband was working overtime.

At 530 AM my alarm went off to get me up for the day. 7AM start times are hard on me. I am not a morning person. But this morning I didn't dawdle. The space beside me was cold and husbandless. My heart pounded as I realized I would have to make arrangements for my son. Normally he wouldn't go to daycare till the afternoon when Daddy works evenings. I didn't dare call and wake my daycare worker up.

So I called my Dad. "Dad" I said "Can you do me a favor?" He agreed to do me a favor and I spelled out the enormity of it. Absolutely, he would be at my place for 615. Thankfully, my Daddy is a terrible sleeper and was already up for the day. When he arrived he gave me a homemade cinnamon bun that my Mum had baked the day before and sent me off to work.

Once the Boy was up for the day, Grandpa took him to the farm where Grandma took over. He played outside all day.

How lucky can a daughter and grandson be?!

The Husband did eventually come home, safe and sound and very tired.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love My Job

For the first time in my short career I'm truly happy at work. My Thursday 13 tells you why...

1. A 20 minute commute is the shortest I've ever had.

2. Parking costs six cents an hour. The last place I worked cost $75/month.

3. Hands on patient care. I have learned I do not love clinic nursing.

4. Half time gives me lots of flexibility to pick up shifts, be at home, and catch up on rest.

5. Amazing co-workers.

6. A positive environment.

7. Compliments and encouragement.

8. Constructive criticism.

9. All day shifts. No evenings, no nights, no weekends.

10. A babysitter I feel confident in. I couldn't enjoy being at work if I was worried about my baby.

11. Social interaction with adults. How I've missed adults.

12. Intellectual stimulation and the opportunity to learn.

13. Uninterrupted eating time. This never happens at home. My body is benefiting from more food, more often already.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing a Friendship

Two and a half years ago we moved into a suburb in the city. It was our first home. We moved in August. For the first time I enjoyed having my own yard. It was a small patch of grass but it was mine.

I enjoyed sitting on the deck in the back yard. I noticed the neighbor's apple tree, laden with apples. Branches leaned over the fence bowing under the weight. I couldn't resist but to pick one once in a while and enjoy it's crisp coolness on a hot summer day.

My Grandma came for a visit and eyed up the tree. "Ask your neighbor if I can buy some!" she stated, with a promise of homemade apple pie.

So, the next time I saw her outside I asked her for some. I recognized her immediately as she turned to face me. Where had I seen her before? Curves? Nursing School? I struck out on all of my guesses before figuring out that we worked different shifts in the same department of the Hospital.

After our meeting under the apple tree our friendship grew. Now she laughs with me, cries with me, listens to me. We hang out with our kids. We walk the dogs. Talk shop. Enjoy coffee. Sushi. We gab on the phone, talk shop, and various stuff. She rains toys on my son and showers me with support.

When we moved away it broke my heart. I was scared our friendship wouldn't survive. The opposite has been true. Our friendship continues to grow.

This weekend her family came to see our new house. And she brought a gift certificate...

For an apple tree.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Year

On the eve of Isaiah's first birthday I am reflecting on what life was like a year ago. I had left work two weeks prior for maternity leave. I had left a job that I found heart wrenching and stressful. We were living in the city on a tiny property beside the best neighbors a girl could ask for. And we waited. I was overdue by 4 days and waiting to be induced because Baby wasn't growing.
Now I have a boy who is verging on toddlerhood. He's a whirlwind of activity and very vocal. Crawling suits him just fine and he is in no rush to walk. He can probably get there faster on his knees anyway. All day he babbles, copying as many sounds as he catches. He says Dada, Num num, again, done, uhoh, and makes a few animal sounds.
Isaiah is definite on what he wants. He knows who should hold him at any given moment and where he wants them to take him. He needs no words for this - just a point of his fingers and some grunting. He pushes away the people and things offered to him that he doesn't want and gets mad if the same thing is offered twice. He is a boy of structure - milk is for bottles, water for sippy cups. He seems to be inclined to a sense of order.
He is adventurous. His favorite thing is the swing at Grandma's house, which hypnotizes him into silence and stillness. Rides on the ATV, climbing up and down stairs, and banging anything to hear the sound it will make are exciting. He's got a great arm and loves playing catch. His ride on ATV and shapes sorter are some of his favorite toys.
6 teeth have forced themselves through. He doesn't cope too well with teething. He is tall, filling out his age appropriate clothes in length but not width. He likes his bottle and anything new in his diet. The same menu in two days is not appealing. Baby food is a definitely dislike. He does seem to have a sweet tooth.
mmm cake
Isaiah has taken to daycare very well. He loves watching other kids and is learning to interact with them. Some days he jumps into the babysitter's arms and doesn't want me to take him home when I get there. He wants to show me what he's doing and what toys he is playing with.
Bedtime is easy. He likes to be put down in his crib and he'll take his thumb to fall asleep with. Otherwise he is not a thumb sucker. Usually there is no fuss. At bedtime we read stories. Sometimes an hour's worth. It is his favorite part of the day. He still wakes a couple of times every night to eat.
He is so much fun. He is learning to tease. Most days are more fun than effort now and he is learning so quickly. This year has flown by. I can't wait to see what Isaiah grows in to. He has made our lives so much richer and taught us countless lessons.

We love you baby! Happy Birthday.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Turning One

Is it normal to have to take a break from cake decorating to shed some tears when your baby turns one? Tomorrow we celebrate. But tonight I miss my baby.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


When I'm not working full time. When I'm not utterly weary by the end of the day. When my today doesn't focus on what I need to get done tomorrow. When this week of anniversary, double birthdays, and Mum's day is over.

That's when I'll post again.