Friday, December 21, 2012

Approaching Christmas

Christmas is around the corner.  Gifts are bought (still need to be wrapped).  I have a little bit of baking left to do and some house cleaning.  I'm on holidays now until the end of next week.  So exciting!  I love having a 4 year old around at Christmas time.  It brings the magic to our home.

The other morning the Husband and I were talking.  Theoretically we should have 2 four month old babies as part of our family this year.  It's not good or bad... just different than we expected.  We definitely miss them and wonder what our lives would have been like with twins.  It's strange to think that if we had brought them home this little life flourishing inside of me now would be non-existant.

I really should take a few photos of Christmassy things in my house to add to my blog.  Maybe later...