Sunday, January 2, 2011

Recap and Looking Ahead

Simply put, 2010 was a year of stability for us.

I have the same job, same house, same vehicles, same Husband, and same Boy. I can't explain exactly how good this feels. I've lived years of chaos in the past. I've lived years of changes. Good and bad. Not this year. This year things just kind of stayed the same.

The Husband decided to work on his Counseling degree and started taking courses. Otherwise things around here remained status quo. The Boy remains undisputed in his place as sole Apple of our eyes despite our best efforts. Maybe this year will bring competition. We hope so.

He had a big year though. Moved from a crib to a toddler bed and mastered potty training in no time flat! His language skills amaze us daily. He's becoming more independent and is thriving in his day care. He expanded his list of favorite movies from Baby Einstein to include all the Mighty Machines series and his first full length feature, Up. He became passionate about guitars and farming. His immune system figured itself out and we landed up in ER only once with no hospitalizations.

We hit the road to Calgary in May to meet a very special addition to our extended family. Baby Rachel was born May 21 and has impacted all of our lives deeply. She and her family amaze and inspire me daily.

2011 promises to have more change in store. Next week I start my new position in ER. Quite honestly, I'm not thrilled about it. I'll do my best there and learn and grow in my career, but I'll miss my home in Day Surgery. Bentley, our faithful pooch, is getting his leg fixed. Here's hoping next year he's much more active! He is so in tune with me and my emotions. The Boy will be getting those curly toes of his straightened. The Husband will likely return to General Patrol, which means both him and I will be doing shift work again.

I always want to be stronger this year than I was the last. Stronger in body, mind, and spirit. I want to get to know my Husband better. We spent most of last year passing each other by. I want to find a job I'm excited about. I want to be more open minded and optimistic. I'd love to add to the family.

In reality, our control is so minimal. I can make great choices for myself and my family and end up with events that turn my world upside down. Peace and the ability to hold what I have in an open hand.... that's all I would really ask for.