Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We just finished our summer vacation. We kept it simple this year, sticking close to home. Most of our time and money will disappear into finishing our house, landscaping, etc. There is still much work to be done and endless "stuff" we should/could purchase.

On Sunday the Husband, the Boy and I checked into a Hotel. Isaiah played in the water and watched the big kids play. He cried when we left. In the evening we dropped him off at the in-laws. By "we" I mean the Husband... I wasn't up for spoiling my night by walking away from my crying Boy. The Drop Off went as I expected. I was nervous - the Boy had never stayed with the In-laws for longer than a few hours.

We had a lovely supper and a good mix of light and serious conversation. Then we walked to the theater and enjoyed a chick flick (Thanks, Husband). We headed to bed shortly after midnight, then laid in a soft, King sized bed and whispered sweet nothings to each other. We left the phones on just in case the Boy wasn't handling his sleep over well. I laid awake for a long time after the Husband slept.

After a refreshing night of no interruptions, we touched base with Mom-In-Law and went for breakfast. We enjoyed some shopping and tea time. The Husband indulged in various spa services (my time is coming, with a good friend). The Husband bought me a wicked hot little bathing suit.

The Boy did fine at the In-Laws. Next time will be easier. This couple time was essential for us. I have missed the Husband. And it turns out, he has missed me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Sleep Strategy

1. Shortly before bed, feed child nightsnack.
2. Boil water
3. Cook pasta. Al Dente.
4. Feed child
5. Give child water.
6. Put child to bed.
7. Pasta expands to fill child's tummy.
8. Sleep

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yesterday I did 4 hours of overtime after an 8 hour day shift. That would be a 12 hour shift. I used to do those all the time. How?!

I can't imagine working 12's with a young family. In the morning I dropped the Boy off at daycare. It wasn't a good drop off. And then I saw him for a few minutes before he was ready for bed.

It sucked.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Just a couple of months ago I was a full time Mum. I took a full year of maternity leave which ended up being a whirlwind of change. I won't lie - it was a hard year. I learned a lot of lessons and did a lot of growing. But I struggled with being in my four walls with my baby. We had one car, which the Husband took to work. After the move I didn't even know my neighbors. Fatigue robbed me of my usual zip. My weight dropped with the demands of breastfeeding, carrying an infant, and the frequent decision to nap instead of eat when the baby was sleeping.

Near the end of maternity leave I was successful in a job interview for a part time position. I went out and purchased a small used car. I made arrangements for daycare.

I've been working for two months now. I love my job. Day shifts, Monday to Friday. No weekends, no shifts, no holidays. I've gained weight. I sleep better. My son likes his daycare. He's never thrilled to be dropped off, but never eager to be picked up. He just wants to show me what he is doing.

The problem is, I haven't found a good balance. I'm working a lot - picking up way more shifts than the half time position requires of me. Work is fun and stimulating. However, I start at 7AM which means I'm up at 530. I have to wake the slumbering boy up to take him to daycare, which sucks. Seriously sucks. I wish he was naturally awake at that time (except for my days off when I'm happy he sleeps in). He's become more cuddly the last couple of months, wanting me to hold and snuggle him. I don't make as many homecooked meals. The house isn't as clean. The boy sleeps better than he did as an infant. He's up twice a night on average and the Husband and I take turns caring for him. But I am not a morning person and 530 wakeups take their toll on me by the end of the week. There is pressure from home and work to work more sometimes. But then I'm tired, grumpy, and not communicating well. I don't get to the gym as often and my back hurts more.

Too much home time isn't good for me. Too much work time isn't good for me.

There has got to be some kind of balance I can find. Perhaps I'll start by saying "no" to the occasional extra shift.

How do other Mums do it?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cozy Coupe Fire Truck

Grandma gave Zey $$$ for his birthday. I have never seen this kid so happy with a toy before. Or seen him throw a temper tantrum when I tried to take it from him. Check out his grin!

Thanks Grandma! What good taste you have.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We have a mobile internet stick. You put it in the side of the laptop and it connects to the Rogers network.

Or if you're a toddler, you put it in your mouth.

Which makes it stop working.

We are finally back online. I think I'd rather be without phone than internet.