Monday, October 19, 2009

Belated Gratitude

I was going to post on Thanksgiving weekend, but time seemed to slip away on me. I was going to do "100 things I'm thankful for". I would have. I should have.

I've been thinking about thankfulness a lot. Mostly I've been realizing how ungrateful I am. I don't know if it is my attitude or personality, or if it's just the nature of man, but I take everything for granted and then want more. Selfish through and through.

It's an attitude I want to work on. I want to count my blessings daily. It doesn't matter what I used to have or what I don't have. I don't want to complain at work. I want to realize what a gift my job is. I don't want to curse the 5th time in one night that I have to attend to the Boy. I want to remember how long we tried and how hard we prayed to conceive. I don't want to grieve my old community. I want to put an effort into making friends here. I don't want to gripe over the way my Husband or Family is. I want to show them how much I love them.

I'm working on changing my perspective. How blessed I am!

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Brenda Funk said...

Good for you! And me too! love MOM