Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Bump

In relation to my career, I'd heard of bumping before. I have to admit I always kind of thought of it like an urban legend. I didn't know it still happened or that it was a real thing.

Until I got

That's right. Someone with more seniority has decided to take my position. And apparently, they have that right. So much for job security. In this game I then have to bump someone else with less seniority than me. I got a list of eligible positions. None of them looked good to me but to keep my seniority I really had to take one. And so I have.

It feels awful to be bumped. And awful to have to bump someone else. Who thought this crazy game up??

Now I am becoming an ER nurse. It doesn't feel like a good fit for me - 12 hr shifts, heavier lifting, weekends, nights, holidays. I realize I was lucky enough to have the most amazing position earlier. But I never imagined it could just be swiped from me. The change is effective Jan 10.


Amy said...

Aww :( Sorry to hear that, sis. That is a very strange system indeed. I pray the new job will not be a difficult transition for you.. *hugs*

Miss you! How was Vegas?? I hope u had fun! The husband and I are going to New York city after christmas for a few days...excited. :)

Josi said...

nursing can be crazy hey? bumping...
I hope you find something that is a better "fit" for you soon! Hope you have a Merry Christmas despite this set back.
Take care.