Monday, October 10, 2011

50 Things I'm Thankful For

1. Rachel's short and beautiful life
2. The opportunity to get to know her. She taught me a lot.
3. A boy who loves to snuggle.
4. Babysitters I can trust and who love my child.
5. People I can confide in
6. Friends that feel as close as family.
7. Friendships that I would never have predicted. These are the coolest.
8. Memories.
9. The perspective that only time gives.
10. A hot, steaming, strong cup o' java
11. Parents who are still with me
12. Grandparents too
13. Restored relationships
14. A job I enjoy
15. People I enjoy working with
16. The opportunity to learn patience. I've had lots of these this year.
17. A reliable vehicle.
18. Hot baths
19. A motivated husband.
20. Love
21. Grace
22. Chocolate
23. Makeup
24. Candles in winter
25. Hair dye
26. Prairie sunsets
27. Washers and dryers
28. White noise
29. Good deals
30. Home cooked meals
31. Living in the country
32. Windex
33. Jeans
34. Tweezers
35. Holidays
36. Laptops
37. Ball throwers for dogs.
38. Barbeques
39. Siblings
40. Rain gauges
41. Flowers
42. Music
43. Cork floors
44. Air fresheners
45. Hope
46. Mom's cinnamon buns. And waffles.
47. People who make me feel comfortable when they work on my back.
48. The gym
49. Gifts. Given and received.
50. Passions and the journey to discover what mine are.


Brenda Funk said...

Awesome list! Good to remind ourselves sometimes of the things we have to be thankful for.

K,W,G and D said...

Hey! Great to hear your voice again! Even if it's online and via print. Your post comes to me on the same day that I just started following this "1000 Gifts" blog.

Anonymous said...

yeah, great list. Thank you for mentioning Rachel. It warms our hearts whenever someone talks about her, remembers her.

joyce said...

a very good list. so many fantastic things that we often forget to stop and recognize.