Friday, July 12, 2013

Kindergarten Looms

My baby boy is starting kindergarten in September.  I won't lie.  It scares me.  He's a sweet, spontaneous boy and affectionate perhaps to a fault.  His heart is so tender.  I don't want him to toughen up.  To be compared to others.  I don't want him to realize he's not the fastest and smartest kid in the world.  I don't want him to conform.

My Boy.  He throws his arms around me, holds my hand, and tells me that he loves me.  He tells me when I complain that I'm too old for something that "you're not old mom.  Those things that look like lines on your face are just your details"  He declares his love for his friends to them in words and actions.  He's a hugger, a kisser and an "I love you"-er.

I don't want him to change.  I worry that he's going to be chewed up and spit out.  Can I just hit pause on his life and keep him with me forever? 


Brenda Funk said...

Try as we might we can't spare our kids life. And really, what kind of kids would they turn out to be if they never ever experienced hurt, or failure, or rejection etc. etc.?! We only pray that they will experience enough to grow and mature and blossom, but not so much that they will be totally crushed. I will help you pray!

mmichele said...

I believe my kids survived grade school because of lots of personal days... the gentle souls need time off!

janice said...

Brenda, you said it perfectly. But oh how I remember how my heart ached when she got hurt. In grade 3 she was a social pariah. Somehow she survived and now she is 20 and very socially adept. I am so happy grade 3 is over for me and her. But there was lots of growth, and some happy times.