Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A perfect night

Apparently it works to wish for good night shifts on a blog. Yesterday was perfect. Things were steady enough that we weren't bored, slow enough to get to know my co-workers better. We all got our breaks. I got to cuddle a little 5 lb girl who was perfect in every way. I just about fell asleep rocking her. This morning heading down the #1 highway my dad phoned, on his way in the opposite direction - to Brandon. I watched for a bus and stuck my hand out of the window and waved like crazy when I saw it. I think it made him smile. Then I did a quick workout and went tanning before hitting the sack around 10 AM. Now for some Java, mindless TV watching, and some quality time with my pooch before I lock him in his kennel again and make my hour's drive to work.


dafunk said...

val, i'm glad you're blogging. Funny, i was thinking of setting one up this week too! Count on me dropping in regularly.
yer bro (the big one that's littler than the littler one)

Wendy said...

Hey! I found you! Sounds like you had a lovely day.

bigbruddah said...

Nice hair style! Betcha didn't think you would hear from ME, didga? Glad to hear you've had at least one good night at work. I graduated supervisor school on the 5th, after 4 months of training every week. Started my new shift the following Monday. Would have started Saturday, but I asked for that day off. So far everyday has been a pretty good day. Getting up at 1:00 AM isn't nearly as difficult as getting up at 6:30 AM... go figure. The split days off thing kinda bugs me though. I'll check on your blog every now and again. Later, yo bigbruddah