Saturday, January 27, 2007


I have been somewhat absent for the last number of days. I have been working 12 hr night shifts, which doesn't leave much room for anything else.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from my week:

1) On Wednesday was my nephew's 1st birthday. Mum and Dad flew out to Calgary just to spend the day. It was Dad's first flight on a commercial jet. Dad spent the entire flight using his handheld GPS trying to figure out when they were over Portage so that he could wave at me, knowing I was at work.

2) While sitting at the nursing desk on Wed after having completed a round to check on my peeps not 15 minutes earlier we heard a crash. And then another. And another. We ran to the room where it was coming from to see that patient in bed #1 had hobbled on her fresh cast to bed #2 by the window. She was smashing the window with her crutch. She said she wanted fresh air. And she was afraid we were trying to poison her. It was a crash course on post-op psychosis. Literally. After the sedation wore off the next morning, she was her sweet self again. I have no idea if she has any recollection of the event.

3) I decided it would be safe to re-silicone the top part of my fish tank with non-aquarium safe silicone. The next morning the water was white, like milk. The Husband (not the same "the husband" as in Lynds' blog...) helped me do a big water change. Silicone is still leaking from the top. Surprisingly, none of my fish have died yet. But I won't be eating them for dinner, that's for sure. We'll see if the next set of babies are mutants.

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