Thursday, August 21, 2008

13 Things I'll Miss

I haven't done a Thursday 13 in a while. This one is 13 things I'll miss about this place.

1. The quirky neighbors. She is an Emergency nurse who is efficient but not compassionate. As a neighbor she wears her heart on her sleeve. He is a science and art teacher who wears shirts that say "Bite Me" and scruffy hair. Their son with Downs Syndrome sits as close to me as possible and checks my shoes. And doesn't do anything he's not in the mood for. Their dog is a Basset Hound, best friend to Bentley.

2. Small lawn to mow.

3. The sound of trucks gearing down on the Perimeter highway at night

4. Being able to walk to "On Location" video store. We will continue to be customers to this little family operation. I'd rather not support Blockbuster or Rogers. Besides, Chuck watches every movie and gives us honest reviews.

5. Squeaky stairs

6. My phenomenal public health nurse.

7. The Transit system.

8. Pizza delivery

9. Grocery stores close by. And malls.

10. The pool table. We decided we would never try to move pool table with 1 inch of slate on it ever again. It stays behind. And although we rarely play, I'll just miss having it.

11. The Regulars at the Park. Sasha, Charlie, Reggie, Sarah, Delilah, Bella are the dogs names. I'm not sure about all of their owners names to be honest. They meet for dog walking and general gab.

12. The park. We have walked miles and miles with our dog and our growing family. At all hours of day and night, depending on our shifts. There is a man made lake that is wonderful in spring but gross in late summer. The dog likes it no matter what.

13. Having a back lane.


mmichele said...

you're moving?!

Linda said...

Huh? I thought you just moved into this place?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the latest I guess...are you going to be my neighbour?

Kent & Tina Derhousoff said...

Umm, what about #14? How close you live to Kent and I? .