Thursday, January 29, 2009

The House

It's finally done! We're living in our dream house. A few small details still need to be completed, but otherwise it is lovely. The Baby is happy, the dog is back, the Husband can be as organized as he wants. I wanted to post pictures of the place but am having no luck finding the cord to upload my photos onto the computer. Hopefully later tonight...

The things I love most about my house are:

1. Granite countertops
2. An island in the kitchen
3. Cork floors - amazing!
4. The loft. Perfect for snoozing, cuddling, reading, writing.
5. The curved wall on the main floor
6. Screened in porch
7. A Jacuzzi tub. My back loves it!
8. Walk in closet
9. The ensuite
10. A large entrance
11. Laundry facility on the main floor
12. Lots of sun
13. Central Vac

Pictures to follow. I promise!


Brenda Funk said...

lovely house indeed! But i didn't notice too many screens in your screened in porch yet! hopefully before the mosquitos get there. i am quite envious of your lovely kitchen - those granite counter tops are great. love MOM

Linda said...

I suppose now is the time that you can say, "It was all worth it." Congratulations on your new home.

kat said...

What???? you put Central vac at the END of the list????? That's the best thing ever!