Monday, January 19, 2009

One Foot In

Possession of our house was Friday, January 16th. Our builder told us that things were not quite completed but that we could move in and they could work around us. So, we met with the bank and the lawyer and signed the paperwork. That evening we walked through the house. All the big stuff is done. The house looks great. But we noticed 101 small things that still needed to be done.

Some of our cork flooring was defective and needs to be replaced. The appliances weren't hooked up. Neither was the central vacuum. The flooring in the ensuite and the shower installation weren't complete. We had no mirrors on our vanities. The house hadn't been cleaned. Toilet paper and towel holders still needed to be installed. The locks needed to be changed. A sink needed to be installed. Dings and dents needed to be repaired and painted.

I'm not willing to live in a construction zone with a baby and a dog. I'd rather stay where we're already comfortable. The Husband is hurting for some space of his own, and I understand that. But even he has conceded. The place just isn't quite ready. We have lots of positive things to say about our builders, but they seem to be having a hard time tying up the details.

In the meantime we stay with my Mum and Dad. Isaiah loves the busy-ness of the household and the people who come and go. He likes flying with Uncle Tim, tending the wood stove with Grandpa, and singing with Grandma. I think he'll be bored with just me. I am taking advantage of my Mum in the mornings after our worst nights and catching a few more winks after he wakes. I have a good baby, but he is a terrible sleeper. 2-3 hour stretches are his normal but the last couple of nights have been 30-90 minutes at a time.

But it'll be good to live alone again. We'll be able to establish a better routine. We'll enjoy our privacy.

Maybe this weekend...


joyce said...

I really identify when you talk about Isaiah's sleep habits. My firstborn especially had less than ideal sleep patterns. Really exhausting for mama.

Brenda Funk said...

Your baby did spoil you though for a while! Sleeping 10 - 12 hrs/night for 2 months or so.
And your house looks like it will be very lovely indeed -- you are a lucky woman! Love MOM