Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 weeks and counting

Somewhere along the way I lost my zest for writing.  The first 18 weeks of my pregnancy I held my breath and watched and waited to lose this baby.  It's a battle with anxiety that I wasn't quite expecting.  I'm a little more uptight this time around.  Natural but still surprised me.  Otherwise I have felt great!  Lots of energy and not sick at all. 

I took this photo earlier this week.  This baby is active and, according to the 4 fetal assessments so far, appears perfectly healthy.  And no, we're not finding out gender.  It's so common these days that people seem quite surprised!  For twins we were planning to.  They take a whole lot more planning for.  But one baby is different for me.  We can't wait to be surprised!  Our boy has named it "Adam" though when he realized a girl would play with girl toys instead of his farm stuff (perhaps) he did ask God to turn his baby brother into a sister.

On we go.  Over the half way hump.

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janice said...

How very very very very very wonderful. I am so happy for you, the boy, "Adam" and your husband.

Here's hoping for a happy Christmas with lots of kicks.