Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best and Worst 2012

I can wrap up the best and worst parts of last year in a nutshell.  It may not be deep and reflective, but 2012 made it quite easy to be decisive about such things.  So without further ado, the best and worst:

Losing my wee son and daughter at 18 weeks of pregnancy and the aftermath thereof

Spending almost an entire month in another country, another continent.  Who am I kidding?  Our Berlin vacation is probably one of my LIFE highlights.  I shall return.

There you have it.  Cheers to 2013!

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Brenda Funk said...

LIfe sounds so simple when you put it so concisely. And it's never really simple. But we got through it together. And there is always the hope that this year will be much better indeed.