Monday, September 17, 2007

The Magic of Blogging

Alternative titles for this post:

Complaining Pays
If You Don't Get What you Want - Whine
Someone at Cancer Care Reads My Blog
I'm Smarter Than I Think

So, just today I got a phone call.

"This is Jenny from Cancer Care. Are you still interested in the full time term position that you interviewed for here? Because we're offering it to you."

Stunned silence

"Uhhh... do you read my blog? I mean, can I sleep on it?"

I have to give them a decision by tomorrow.

With official "Knocked Up" status, things get more complicated. Yes it's true, I'm 6wks pregnant.

My current job has great staff. I have sick time accrued there as well as holidays. I have a permanent position. I don't like the commute nearly all the time. The job is heavy on my back. But I like it.

This job is temporary. What if I get sick too often and don't perform well? I'll be on probation for 3 months. What if I can't pull my load and they let me go? Sick time taken would be unpaid. But that would be okay because I'd be working more hours. Full time. All days. No more day/night switching. Easier on my back. I'd see the Husband more. But I would have no job to return to unless a permanent came up for me.

And if I wasn't able to perform well and keep this new job, another job at Portage would be waiting to be filled. I could pick up casual here, there, anywhere. I just wouldn't have sick time or holidays.



Anonymous said...

What about maternity leave? Don't you have to normally work at a place for a certain time to get maternity leave? Would CancerCare let you leave in 7 months and still pay you?

it's a gong show... said...

Closer to home and hubbie and straight days, that's awesome! Don't worry about the sick time or what will be there for you when your mat leave is up. As long as you'll have enough hours in to collect mat leave, I say "Go For It!"

Valerie Ruth said...

maternity leave isn't depedent on your employer. as long as you're contributing to EI you get it. i'm going to take the job! thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good decision Val...oh and by the way...CONGRATULATIONS!!Lindalew

Wendy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (I was kind of thinking... that post about having something to say to Rachel got me thinking...) I'm SO HAPPY for you!


And so glad you decided to take the job - it sounds ideal! And who can help but fall in love with you? Oh, enjoy, enjoy!

How are you feeling? (preggers-wise)

James said...


The race is on!

I have another friend who is recently pregnant.

Lets see which one pops out first!

Good decision on the job switch. With pregnany, comes 1) liability of so much long distance highway travel, 2) The exhaustion that comes with an adorable little life-sucker will show a lot less, having to only make an innner-city commute.


it's a gong show... said...

I can't believe I didn't even say CONGRATULATIONS! That is sooo awesome.

Glad you took the job :)

Martha said...

Congratulations on both accounts!! When do you start the new job? Wishing you all the best.

Brenda Funk said...

Yup -- congratulations to my very capable daughter!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Joyce said...


this is just too wonderful.