Wednesday, November 14, 2007

13 Reasons to Feel Cranky

I've been feeling extra pinchy lately. Upon sitting in the tub to reflect on any good reasons for these feelings, I came up with an early Thursday 13.

1. Deathiversaries. Nov 15th marks one year since Aunt Wendy died. The chaos left behind has been nothing short of tragic. And we miss her.

2. Changing body shapes. As happy as I am about the Baby on the way, the changes I see in my body bother my non-rational, fat-fearing mind. My immediate reaction to the belly protrusion is to think of it as an INtrusion. I'm learning to appreciate the curves. One day at a time. Sometimes.

3. Winter darkness. It's dark when I go to work and when I return. Enough said.

4. Full time work. I'm a much better nurse when I work part time. I like people a lot more.

5. Uncalled for interruptions when all I want to do is enjoy a hot bubble bath.

6. Hormones. I'm pregnant. Blame it on the Baby.

7. Sore backs. And not being able to take anything for it.

8. No snow in the middle of November. Everything is grey and brown. Yuck. I'm ready for a nice white blanket.

9. Cancer. I think only good people get it. The antidote - be nasty.

10. Wind. I don't mind cold if it isn't windy out.

11. Christmas music in November.

12. Malls packed with holiday shoppers. In November.

13. Long bus rides. My commute to and from work isn't any shorter than driving out to Portage. And it's a lot less enjoyable.

Now that I've got that all off my chest, maybe I'll be just a smidgen less cantankerous. I know the Husband hopes so...


The Sm'allards said...

In general, I believe that November should be banned. Can we fire it? It's worked for some many other things...

Brenda Funk said...

Are you sure you meant to write "pinchy"?!! I agree that November should be banned -- and long dark evenings as well. I'll add being a pig farmer as another reason for crankiness. Not good. But on the other hand, grandchildren are a good antidote to crankiness - children in general - even if they are your own - have a way of taking you out of yourself and giving you new eyes to see, to rediscover life. Just wait and see. Love MOM

Linda said...

Somehow, your cranky lists are the ones I love the best.

Will you post a picture of your belly? I'd love to see it.

Joyce said...

oh, yes, How I remember. Esp the first pregnancy, but to be honest, te three to follow, the times in between, and the times after... Fear of change in body, fear of fat. Wanting to embrace the changes, not miss the beauty of it, but not either knowing whether you will ever really become your previous self again... Seemingly shallow thoughts, but they don't feel that way.

I've no cure. But it sounds like you know all the positive directions to choose.