Sunday, December 23, 2007

Smacking Good Times

I have a special relationship with my Mom's sister. My Aunt has played many roles in my life - babysitter, cool Aunt who has all the nieces or nephews over for sleepovers, and Aunt who gives me a place to crash for night. Most recently we've taken it a step further - she's one of the closest friends that I can name. And as such, girl time becomes a priority.

Yesterday the Husband had plans with a friend. Oh yes, I was invited. But did I REALLY want to go for supper (yum) and spend the rest of the evening gaming (yuck)? I can't twiddle a controller any better than I can crochet. So I called my Aunt. Her husband took charge of their 3 boys and she became a free woman.

We decided on dinner and a movie. Together in my kitchen we cooked up a storm - jumbo pasta shells stuffed with various cheeses and fresh herbs covered in a tomato sauce with Italian sausage and smothered in parmesan. Greek salad with all the fixings. It was fabulous! We dug in and watched a chick flick, taking a break to have tea and cheesecake (we cheated and bought the world's best cheesecake at Double D's - candy cane and white chocolate peach flavors).

Everyone should be so lucky to have their Aunt become their friend. It still blows my mind.