Monday, June 2, 2008

Brain Fog

This kid thing is more than a full time job. I think he's a good baby, but he gets really uncomfortable. Mostly in the evenings. Then he grunts and complains, winces and fusses. He's pretty easy to comfort, but it takes all of my effort and both of my hands. And hours of my days and nights. God, let him grow out of this. Let him sleep for 2 hours straight. And let me sleep too.

Most of the time I'm holding him, cuddling him. Both of us are on a learning curve and I fear we aren't always patient with each other. God, don't let me mess him up.

Last week the Husband was out of town on a course. I wasn't about to attempt a week alone with a 2 week old and a 100 lb dog that needs to be exercised daily. So I high-tailed it out to the farm. If you ever decide to have kids, stick close to your families. Mum soothed him, fed him, changed him, brought him to me. Plus made snacks and meals and entertained company. I decided to try just one night at home alone with him just to say that I can do this. Thousands of women around the world do this every day. Certainly I could handle just one night. At 11 pm I heard a cough and a stuffy nose. His cold got worse for the next few hours. I would put him down and he would cough and gag. His stuffy nose didn't let him breathe well so I laid him on my chest as I reclined. Finally at 2 AM I did all I could think of - I called my Mum. And she came. Immediately. She soothed him, fed him, changed him, rocked him. And I slept.


Linda said...

Moms are great.

As for your prayer-he will sleep longer than 2 hours, before you know it. And you will not mess him up. Of that, I'm sure.

The Sm'allards said...

It gets easier. I promise - and quicker than you think. The first 3 weeks are an eternity. And then it starts to fly (and the sleep starts to add up)! He'll get his rhythm and so will you. And you can't ruin him by loving and cuddling. You're doing a fine job.

And I have a whole new respect for single mums. My hat goes off to them. Seriously. They are heroes.

Brenda Funk said...

Those of us who are Moms remember well being's so much easier when you're the grandma, and can sleep well any time between caring for the baby! and he is such a sweetie!

mmichele said...

gotta love that mom. wow.

if i had a baby, i'd want her middle of the night number. :)

joyce said...

not that you are asking for advice... but with the stuffy nose, and grunty stomach... my first thought is DAIRY! My kids reacted bigtime to dairy, it always stuffed them up and made them crampy. When i cut out dairy, they slept way better and were way less grunty, and the phlegm went away. If you are concerned about calcium, get some soy.

Anonymous said...

Lack of sleep is hard to cope with...I'll pray you'll get more sleep soon. What a beautiful photo. We just had a new grand daughter yesterday...5lb. 11oz. ROselle