Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Writing

I've had my Husband at home for the last two work days. His back has been giving him a lot of grief this summer, triggered by something as simple as sleeping the wrong way (specifically on his stomach). On Monday I insisted he go to a walk-in clinic as I watched him hobble around the house. He came home with a prescription for muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. For the last two days he has been flat on his back, becoming intimately acquainted with Thermophore, the heating pad from heaven. He called in sick to work and rested. Today is his first day back at work, wearing an elastic back brace. It's mine actually.

Work on our new house started today. The Parents called to give us a progress report. Now that the work has started it's starting to feel kind of exciting. They should have it ready for us to move in to by December 1/08. Fast! It's a pretty extravagant Christmas present.

The Cuz, who has lived with us for a year, is moving out. As of Oct 1, she'll have her own bachelor pad. Sharing our house has been a pretty good experience that has taught me a lot. Mostly about myself. It will be good for her to have her own place. And good for us to have our own. But I will miss her.

I'm frustrated today that I'm not getting to the gym more often. Babysitting is provided for a small fee, but that hardly helps when I don't have a car. I'd like to be in there more regularly, putting on muscle mass. I suppose putting on any kind of mass would be positive, but if I could pick I would like it to be muscle. Also, it's great selfish time where I can forget about my Baby and direct my thoughts and energy into myself. I always feel better after. I wish I was the kind of person who could feel motivated to work out at home, but I'm just not. I do the occasional abdominal workout or free weight exercises at home and I get out for a walk with the dog most days. But it's the break and the getting away from home that I really like.

Speaking of focusing on myself, I'm dying to get a new hair color and cut. I'll get it cut next week and dye it myself at home. Also, I'm going to take advantage of the pedicure gift certificate the Oncology doctors gave me at Christmas last year. I can't wait!

I'm a champion procrastinator. Things I need to get done include cleaning the fish tanks and the bathrooms in the house, completing my Continuing Education stuff for my nursing career, and printing and organizing baby pictures. Things I accomplished this week that I had been procrastinating about: Making appointments with the dentist and the head doctor.

Now that Isaiah is sleeping, perhaps I should tackle an item on my procrastination list. Fish tanks, here I come!

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Brenda Funk said...

A crazy week you've had so far! As for working out at home, tell me about it!! I've always got too much stuff I want to get done to 'waste' time exercising.
You're doing fine...even though not everything on your to do list always gets done. You are doing the most important stuff -- taking care of your hubby and baby boy (and your dog boy). Boys are very needy you know. Missed you already! too many days since I've seen Isaiah.