Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings

My mind feels lazy today. Bits of information float in and out of my brain. After a good sleep in (my boy slept a 10 hour night) and a strong cup of java, we went outside and enjoyed some sunlight. It's supposed to be grey and/or rainy for days to come and Isaiah just loves to sit outside.

I've been frustrated with my dog recently. He seems to think that since Isaiah has been born I'm no longer the boss. I wonder if he's holding a grudge? Seems like it to me.

This week our land should have a hole in it. A Hole that will become a House. Yes, we are moving to the country. We'll have a beautiful home on 1.5 acres just 15 minutes south of the city. And as much as I'll miss things about the city, this country girl can't wait to get out of here. My boys will have a yard big enough to throw a ball in.

Every once in a while the differences in the way we were raised come up between the Husband and I. Last night we discussed faith issues. I was raised as a pacifist Mennonite. The Husband was raised as a fighting baptist. We discuss pacifism every single year when he is asked by the church he used to attend to wear his uniform at a Rememberance Day service. It's always interesting and we always decide we want to learn more about the other's point of view. I think that's healthy. Our newest challenge is appearing to be on the same page about things even when we aren't, for the sake of our little one. We want to appear unified. Although we also believe our differences should be honored and cultivated and we want to teach Isaiah this as well. How to do this may be difficult.

This afternoon Isaiah and I went to a breastfeeding clinic. He is just shy of 4 months old and weighs 13 pounds 5 ounces. He's incredibly strong and incredibly noisy. He talks a monologue all day. His latest discovery - the shriek.

I'm becoming more efficient with my time as my son becomes less reliant on me. I'm doing most of the housekeeping, meals, walking the dog, and caring for my baby. Once in a while I even get the Husband's lunch packed. I think I'm going to take a library trip soon and give reading a go. Does anyone have any good fiction to recommend?

Isaiah and his best bud



brenda Funk said...

Don't forget that being unified does not necessarily mean thinking exactly the same! And it's OK if your son knows that you think differently about some issues -- the important thing is to respect each other's point of view, giving each other permission to differ, and in turn to teach your son how to think for himself.
Great pictures! Love MOM

Amy said...

Love the pics, Isaiah and his identical accomplice look so cute. :)

A book I read recently I think you'd like:
The Curious Incident of the dog in the nightime by Mark Haddon
((fiction, sweet story, but pretty light reading - which is good when you have lots to do- written in point of view of autistic boy...def a very high functioning one, the nurse in you can report back to me on how believable it is, but it did win an award, soo that shud mean sumthing?)))

Very cool you are moving to the country, I think country is a great place for children to grow up, much more fun and exciting things that you can investigate. Even also too maybe get a horsey sometime in future?
email me back soon you busy mom, I misses you. Love sis aims.

Anonymous said...

Have you read The memory Keepers Daughter. This part of the country's pretty good. Roselle

joyce said...

I like what your mom says. You will NOT always agree on things, but if you can show respect and tolerence, it will teach your son amazing skills that he will be able to use in so many challenges that life will throw at him.