Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Up, Up, and Away

This morning I took my Parents to the airport. My wonderful, Jenerous sister and her husband gave our Folks a trip of a lifetime for their birthdays this year.

You see, my parents are small time farmers. This has meant that they have had to be quite frugal. And tied to the business. Family vacations were short and infrequent as Dad had to get home to tend to the pigs. We would do day or weekend outings, and I remember one road trip to Blind River, Ontario. Dad runs his farm with a tight hand - he keeps close tabs on his budget and finds incredible ways to do things himself or save money some other way.

A couple of years ago my Mum saved some of the money she makes with Homecare and flew out to see my Sister in England. She enjoyed herself immensely. Dad couldn't go because he had the farm to take care of.

This year the farm has been struggling. There is no money in pigs anymore, and Dad made the decision to empty his barns. Suddenly he has a new found freedom.

So this year, for their birthdays, Jen and Paul sent them 2 all expense paid trips to see them in Berlin, Germany for two weeks.

I think Dad was flying before he ever stepped foot on the plane!

I am going to miss them. I call my Mum multiple times a day to tell her stuff about Isaiah, hear an adult voice, or grasp to keep my sanity when I'm frustrated. I threatened that Isaiah won't remember her in two weeks, but that wouldn't keep her home. I'm going to keep extra busy the next few weeks though. Tomorrow I'll head out to Mom's Morning out in the community that we'll be moving to. I'm a bit nervous as that's where I grew up, and well, you know how labels, stigmas, etc stick in your home community. Still, I want to meet people and build relationships in our neighborhood. And so, even though I'm irrationally anxious about it, I'll go. I'll probably really like it!

Also, I'll be blogging a lot more. I have a feeling people in Berlin will be checking in on my blog.


Brenda Funk said...

Yeah...we'll be checking in on you once in a while! When we have time and aren't too busy clubbing etc!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh val it's such hard work looking after these parents ;) I'll try to keep them out of trouble...