Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mom's Morning Out

This morning at 9AM I woke my sleeping baby and ventured out of the city, to the small town we will be moving to this winter. I swallowed my anxious feelings and put on a smile. Loneliness is my biggest complaint of parenthood. But getting out and meeting other Moms is one of my greatest fears. How can that be?

We joined a bunch of other Moms and Kids for some down time. I hesitated to give Isaiah into Roselle's arms, thinking he might be shy. But it didn't seem to bother him. She promised to find me if he was having a hard time, so I went to the gym and found myself a table.

I loaded up on desserts for breakfast and was soon joined by 3 women I had gone to school with, and my piano teacher from high school. We had some casual conversation and then listened to a speaker remind us of how important Motherhood is. My brain had a hard time engaging, fluttering with wayward thoughts and imaginary fussy Isaiah noises.

An hour and a half later, I went to get my little guy. Lo and behold, he was fast asleep in Roselle's arms. He's not a cuddle to sleep kind of guy, so I was rather surprised (and impressed!). Roselle invited us over for lunch, which of course I couldn't pass up.

Over sandwiches and coffee we talked about mental illness, characteristics of good friends, and babies. Isaiah kicked and talked on the floor till he was hungry and then interrupted my carrot cake dessert to fill his tummy. He sat in Roselle's lap, gazing at her sleepily. So I packed him up and moseyed on to check out our building project.

The first floor of our walls are up and the second floor is in progress. I took pictures from the car, feeling rather like I was spying on the workers. The neighbors are putting up a huge fence. Looks like it'll be chain-link. I soon discovered why, when the lady of the house walked by with her two GREYHOUNDS and a little Yorkie. I guess Bentley will have friends.

And now, with a napping baby, I'm doing laundry and tidying. All my eyes want to do is drift shut. This weariness is incredible. He sleeps well. I don't know why I'm so tired. The dog needs to be walked. Supper needs to be prepped. And I'm planning a workout for tonight.


Brenda Funk said...

Roselle is a great and giving person! I'm glad she's taking care of you for me! Hey -- skip the workout and eat some ice cream!! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

This surrogate grandma is about ready for bed and maybe I'll dream about my new friend Isiah who is one very delicious baby. Roselle