Saturday, October 25, 2008

Doctor's Orders

1. Eat more. And then repeat

2. Sleep more. Take a daily nap. This is not optional. It's a necessity.

3. Lower your standards. Let the house be messier. Accomplish less. Learn to relax. Journal sometimes.


Carol Taves said...

Do it, and enjoy the eating and sleeping. Not many of us get ordered to eat more(sigh!). And the mess? Don't worry about it - it won't run away, and with your hubby around it won't even get a chance to decently accumulate!

mmichele said...

That is one wise doctor.

brenda funk said...

Many of us would like a prescription for that! Very good ideas for you! Love MOM

Linda said...

Listen to your doctor!

Wendy said...

How's that going? Hope you're finding ways to do what the doctor ordered... Am thinking about you.