Saturday, February 19, 2011


Curly Toes

Playing Wii with Dad

Such a pretty dress!

I took all of the above photos with my phone and uploaded them onto my computer. Feeling pretty tech-savy!

The combine that made it all worth it

Bulky soft dressings


Bigbruddah said...

Nice pics, VAL. What a cute boy!

Anonymous said...

Awww poor little guy, I hope the month goes by really quick. I have to laugh at the image of him scooting around on his knees. Sounds like he's being a really good sport. Good thing it's still the winter time, in the summer it would've been torture. And now I see why you'll be making a saddle for your new dog hehehe, that would sure help him get around! Please give him a big snuggle from auntie jen!

Brenda Funk said...

But he obviously doesn't know how to sit with a dress!! First time I've heard a hospital gown called a 'pretty dress' too.