Sunday, April 1, 2012


I've been meaning to write for a few days now and have actually started on multiple occasions with no real direction and no focus to my words. Feels like I don't know where to start or finish.

I'm just coming off Spring Break week. For me that meant a week of holidays and lots of good times with my little guy. We spent time together and with friends. The overwhelming, all encompassing heaviness of sadness has somewhat lifted in our household and laughter can be heard. Isaiah needed lots of "mommy days". It was good medicine for my heart as well.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm stronger and more emotionally stable than 2 weeks ago. I may have gone back a bit prematurely...

I am enjoying getting back into shape. Working out at home, in the gym, toning my abs, etc. It has been a long time and is such good therapy for me. I'm also enjoying having a glass of wine with my dinner and carrying my son whenever I want to or he asks me to. These things feel good.

My biggest struggles remain my appetite and sleep. It's hard to sleep. My appetite is improved from what it was, so that's good.

I just can't believe it's almost been a month already...

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