Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I've been on the verge of Grumpy lately. Sometimes even over the verge. So, in true grublet form, here is a list of things I hate most these days.

1 - 68 hrs of night shifts in a one week period

2 - Scoliosis

3 - Spinal surgeons' wait list times. 2-3 YEARS for a CONSULT?! Come on.

4 - Men who get married 8 months after their wife dies without giving a damn about the kids

5 - Gas prices. And fuel mileage on gas vehicles.

6 - Sharing a house with an almost non-shift worker. We hardly even live together anymore. Just share the same house.

7 - That Dad has to get another job to pay for his habit. Namely - farming. Now he's a floodway expansion project employee on top of all the farm work. Also, that Mom has to work at all. And that she has a stupid boss.

8 - Dogs who eat their beds. Bad dog, Bentley!

9 - Sleeping when it's sunny out.

10 - 2 hrs of commuting in addition to 12 hr shifts

11 - Families who refuse to let go for dying parents. A simple goodbye and permission to let go would send him straight to heaven.

12 - Church politics. Women in ministry, recognized or not, have influenced me more than all of the pompous EMC'ers that sit on the board to keep women out put together.

13 - Fake nice. Love me or hate me. But don't pretend to love me when you hate me.

I believe I've created a Tuesday Thirteen. I know the rules are for Thursdays, but I've never been one to follow rules. So there.


Linda said...

Love, love, love your list!

Michele said...

i really liked this post, too. what was it about it? i'm not sure exactly but it seemed like a perfect bit of grumbling.

Valerie Ruth said...

it seems that i've perfected grumbling. i've never been called a perfect grumbler before :)

Brenda said...

Funny -- all the things that make you grumpy make me grumpy too -- must be genetic.
I do like my job though -- I love caring for people in their own homes -- the amazing people I meet, the realness of life in very difficult circumstances, that it is never boring or the same two days in a row. It's just my incompetent coordinator who drives me crazy once in a while.
Work is also good for me because it keeps me from obsessing and being too all-wrapped-up in my own family and my worries for each.
Keeps me balanced (usually), helps me keep life in proper perspective.
Leave all your grumpies at home this weekend! Love MOM

Joyce said...


David said...

why do i find your grumpiness so refreshing? Maybe b/c its refreshingly honest?!
Love ya