Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brain Freeze

I don't know if it's the -40 something degree weather lately or what, but my brain is frozen. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Nothing profound. Just the same old.

I have 60-some days of work left. Does it sound like I'm not enjoying my job? It's true. It's not what or who I want to be as a nurse. I'm starting to feel more comfortable in the job, but enjoyment isn't there. At least not yet. I keep hoping it's coming.

The days are getting longer. The sunshine is good for my spirits. I can see the road when I'm walking home from the bus. And if I act quickly enough I can take Bentley outside and play with him and his ball before the darkness envelopes.

My body looks strong. My face has filled out, my belly is round. I'm not making it to the gym half as often as I'd like. My energy is gone by the end of the work day. I take Bentley for walks, but I miss the gym. Working full time doesn't leave enough time in a day.

I'm starting to think Baby. I'd love to find a used crib in good shape. A playpen is where the kid will sleep the first few months. That we'll buy new. Mom is making blankets like crazy. I'll need a good rocking chair. It's starting to feel real. Crazy.

And that's about it.


Linda said...

You must post a picture of your pregnant belly!

Brenda Funk said...

It was so neat to feel your baby kick yesterday! Time is really flying, and I'm getting excited to meet this little one! Love MOM

Wendy said...

Can I make a really long comment? Funny how when you were having a brain freeze, you inspired me to respond! (Maybe that's only funny for me) Anyway - I like the way you see the strength in pregnancy and in looking pregnant. And... Gabriel's still in the playpen - we love it! Oh, yeah - and about playing with the dog after work? That's how I spend my evenings. From the moment Gabriel and I see each other till the moment he falls asleep for the night, I spoil him rotten. And then I rush around the house doing all the Wendy/wife/teacher/mom "duty" things for about an hour before I lay down for the night. I love my moments with Gabriel - I wouldn't trade them for the world.

joyce said...

ok, I confess. I read your post yesterday, and then I went and wrote my own. It was YOU I was feeling sorry for, freezing your arse off at the bus stop. I remember fantacizing that one of those hundreds of cars that whizzed past me at the bus stop would stop and offer me a warm ride to anywhere I wanted to go... right up to the front door.

Valerie Ruth said...

*laughing* ok joyce, i saw the similarities. i thot we were just two of a kind. turns out i was a role model. whoopee!