Saturday, January 12, 2008

Since the Husband Left

You may not have noticed, but I've been husbandless this week. He went with his family to Disneyworld in Orlando. Today he's coming home.

Pleasures I've enjoyed while Single:
Leaving the bed unmade
No meal planning
The Pita Pit
Room on the bed for the dog
Unplanned trips to the farm
Living slightly on the messy side

Things I've missed while Single:
The Husband sleeping beside me
An extra dog walker (Thank God for the Cuz who helps!)
Muscles - there are some things I just can't do
His voice
A sounding board for my thoughts
A workout partner
Being picked up from work


Brenda Funk said...

I'm glad he's back! Those were cute lists!

Wendy said...

love the lists - i think they give a clue as to the fine balance of dependence and independence that make you such a strong woman