Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The question is, do I really want my child to play with blocks that contain the following warning?

"Do not throw the toy into the air. Do not use when the quality problem appears. Use under the circumstances that the acircumstances that the adult nurses. Do not allow children to put the toys into their mouth."


Brenda Funk said...

Yeah...I don't know about that one, especially with all the warnings about lead paint in toys from China, which is where I suspect these must be from!! And what child will not put toys in their mouth?!! The blocks look very nice though. Maybe you can use them to decorate in his room, somewhere he can't reach them! Love MOM

The Sm'allards said...

My vote? No.

Jen said...

Why not? I mean, our kid plays with knives, scissors, rocks (and throws them in the air), and tampons. Wait, maybe don't take my advice.