Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We recently enjoyed a visit from my brother and his lovely wife and kidlets. They live in Calgary, where David is pastor of a church. This was the first time that this new uncle laid eyes upon his nephew. Isaiah's cousins have officially become "the competition". I don't know any other family that makes such beautiful kids.
What lovely eyes!
Since I'm currently unemployed and on Mat leave, I had lots of time to hang with the family. I got to spend some time with my sister-in-law, getting to know her over lunch. We took the kids to Steinbach Aquatic Center and I took Ethan on the waterslide and waded with Abigail. My dog even taught Ethan how to bark. Impressive!
If I sit like a dog and bark like a dog, I am a dog.
The visit was topped off by a Baby Dedication, done by Pastor Dave and attended by our immediate families and Grandparents.
Praying for our Son

Hanging with Great Grandma

The weekend ended with a bang as Dad shot off fireworks. The grand finale consisted of a firework that tipped onto it's side, spraying colorful explosions into the trees. Maybe next time we'll secure them a bit better.


Brenda Funk said...

What a good time we had! And what a gift family is... inspite of imperfections etc.. We do have the most beautiful grandchildren! Little Isaiah is looking much more like a normal human, and not so newborn anymore! Like the double chin he's putting on! Love MOM

Wendy said...

I really see the "Funk" in him in that last photo.

What fun. (about the weekend)

We still haven't dedicated Gabe (officially). Korey wants to wait till we get home. Did I dream it or did Korey say we're going home next Christmas? I must check with him.

David said...

It was so exciting to meet Isaiah - I've never been an uncle before! We had a great time out there and miss you guys much.