Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fevers, Dentists, and Favors

My baby spiked a fever yesterday for the second time in his short life. He felt warm during the day. Temperature was 38.3 Celsius. The latest recommendations for Tylenol use are for fevers 38.5 and higher. His nose was snuffly and he seemed a bit congested. I was pretty sure it was just a common cold, but I called his doctor's office. It was near the end of the day and I was told the doctor was off for the day but would call back this morning. I decided to try and cool him off by minimizing his clothing.

As the evening wore on, my baby got warmer and warmer. At 10 pm his temperature read 40.3 Celsius. A rash broke out on his tummy. We stopped at the drug store for infant Motrin. Just over an hour later his temperature was 38.5. He settled in for bed in his diaper and a thin blanket. He woke a few times during the night, hungry and restless. The skies lit up and thunder shook the house while I lay in bed, tired but unable to sleep. At 530AM his temperature was still 38.5, and so we gave him Tylenol.

This morning he woke without a fever. The doctor's office called with an appointment for him. Naturally it was at the same time as my dentist appointment. His Daddy is working evenings though and was able to take him in.

I had my first dentist appointment without sedation for the first time in years. It was just a standard cleaning, but I get nervous. It's kind of a long story. It went well. I think partly because my mind was on my baby and not myself. I can do it again. I don't want my fears to rub off on my kids, so I need to set a good example.

The Husband returned with a little baggie to stick around Isaiah's naughty bits. We walked around the house, plastic bag between his legs. Shortly after, a golden stream. I sealed the sample in a sterile container and the Husband whisked it away to the lab. If it's another bladder infection he'll have to be admitted to Children's for further testing. Please God, let this be a simple cold.
Days like this leave no time to walk the Dog. We cheat by throwing the ball down the street. We weren't out for more than five minutes when my neighbor, Linda, joined us with her Basset Hound. The dogs played and Linda held my son, who again had a fever of 38.2. Isaiah got fussy and we decided to head in. Motrin and a quick feed lulled him into sleep. How he needs this nap! I laid down too, my head swimming. I fell asleep quickly and awoke half an hour later. I was still in bed when I heard the doorbell.
Ding Dong - Graham, Linda's husband, delivering Pedialyte in case Isaiah's feeds continue to be poor and he continues to spit out more than he takes in.
Half an hour later:
Ding Dong - Jon, Linda's son. "Hi. My mom made you supper"
I devoured the plate of steak, sweet potatoes, carrots, and salad uninterrupted by my snoozing infant.
Half an hour later:
Ding Dong - Jon again. "Forgot to bring you dessert. And would you like us to walk Bentley for you?"
I inhaled the warm carrot cake with cream cheese icing, feeling fully satisfied.
I denied the dog walk. We'll play outside later.
My neighbor, who is in the middle of a 60 hour work week (5 12hr shifts) just made my day. And I ask myself again - Why, Why are we moving away?!


Brenda Funk said...

You do have awesome neighbours! I am hoping and praying you will also meet some wonderful people when you move out here -- you have a way of always getting to know the people living around you (you are not like your mother)! And you have always found a few that you can really connect with! And that is another awesome picture.

Linda said...

My, is he a cutie!

Wendy said...

Where are you moving?