Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time Off

I cut a deal last week. If I worked 60 hours in 6 days I would get 8 days off in return. It was a crazy week with an extra 5 hours of overtime. I worked in Day Surgery, Recovery Room, and got my feet wet on the ward. Every shift went well. But by the end of it I was tired, my back was fatigued, and the Boy had learned how to hold a grudge.

This week I recover. I have a lot of goals as well. Today I got the big fish tank clean. I will do the small one tomorrow. I want to make a couple of home cooked meals. I want to get all the laundry done and put away. A minimum of 3 workouts. A couple of medical appointments.... I will find out the degree of my curve this week. A massage. And I'll top it off by spending an afternoon at the spa with my dear friend.


The Boy has decided he's into accessories, including shiny anything. He has opinions that he is learning to share and has recently perfected the head shake for "no."


Anonymous said...

THE SPA....ahhhhh...

brenda funk said...

Yeah, I think he's taking after Daddy -- he has a real shoe fetish as well -- he loves shoes and is endlessly patient with putting on shoes that are too small etc, as long as they go on!

Amy said...

The boy is adorable and quite color coordinated! :) I hope you enjoy your time off, even also too relax a little! love sis