Thursday, March 8, 2007

Snow Day

I'm on my stretch of 3 12hr night shifts in a row. This evening I checked the highway conditions. "Slippery sections" on the #1, it reported.

I didn't even start out early. I've driven in worse than "slippery" before. I merrily made my way on to the perimeter highway. Started out fine going west. Of course, there the highway is sheltered by a not-so-beautiful garbage dump. I wondered to myself why everyone coming towards me was going so slow. I soon found out.

10 minutes into my drive I had seen 5 vehicles in the ditch, including a semi trailor that had slipped off a clover leaf. I called work - about an hour away. "What are the roads like closer to you?" I questioned. Freezing rain, was the report. I said I would continue to drive and see how it went. No, I was told, turn around and go home. No job is worth your life or limb. It's funny how I need someone to tell me that.

And so I am home. I don't get paid for storm days. But I am going to enjoy this one. No, tonight I won't be doing a love clean in the house for the husband. Tonight I am going to have a hot bath, burn a new candle, wear fuzzy pj's. I am going to eat icecream and curl up on the couch with a warm puppy and watch movies. I will stay up till 4 AM so that I am prepped for night shift tomorrow. I will do whatever my little heart desires.

I leave you with a picture of undignified and
enthusiastic love for snow, storms, and wintery


Michele said...

that sounds like a lovely night.

Wendy said...

you go, girl. pamper yourself. i love it. and i do plan to e-mail, just give me some time to get some more energy into my system. :)

Linda said...

Sounds like a great way to spend an "extra" day.