Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Day

Last Thursday was a big day. First we heard our Baby's heartbeat together, for the first time. And then we picked up our wedding picture that we had delayed framing for almost 4 years. I can't imagine why - it looks stunning! Even works with our purple walls.


Brenda Funk said...

Oh... I love it! And I know why -- you were still a student for a few more years, and people are usually a little broke after a wedding for a while! Projects like this tend to end up on the lower priority pile. Glad you got it done now though -- looking forward to seeing it for real. Love MOM

The Sm'allards said...

I LOVE that photo. You're supermodels! I'm glad you finally got it done. It's so worth it.


Martha said...

Absolutely stunning!

Laurel said...

that pic's amazing Val!

Michele said...


as is the sound of a heartbeat.