Monday, February 12, 2007


The most profound moment of last week happened at work, on a night shift at one of the hospitals I work at. I spent 12 hrs cuddling a child with no Mum, no Dad. No one who would step forward and take responsibility for a life. I don't know the whole story. Only the woman who carried the child would. For 12 hours I comforted, cuddled, fed, protected. I wished I could absorb the pain this little one had already endured so that it wouldn't haunt the future. I imagined what the Mother might have been so afraid of. I prayed that God would protect this innocent one and provide a loving, safe, supportive new family. And I imagined the joy in the new family's eyes when they came to take their Baby home.

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Linda said...

So sad! I am confident however that the prayers you prayed over that baby will make a difference in his/her life.