Monday, February 5, 2007


My puppy hates the blowdryer. Especially if it's on. And especially if I point it at him. In fact, my otherwise almost silent dog will bark to scare it off. So I decided to use it to my advantage for training purposes. I started saying "speak" before pointing it at him and turning it on (is this considered cruelty to animals?). Then I cut out the blow dryer part and just said the command and got the right subsequent reaction. 15 min later he talks on command. In the bedroom. The kitchen is a different matter entirely. I gave the same command in exactly the same way for 10 minutes with every reaction but the right one. He sat, laid down, rolled over and did any trick he could think of for a treat. But he didn't speak. Back to the bedroom. I said "speak" and his bark shook the mirrors.

Clearly he hasn't mastered the concept of transitive properties.


Wendy said...


Go, creative spirit, go!

Linda said...

That is so funny! We're taking Sammy to obedience classes and if we could grade him, he'd get 95%. He is that good. Take him home and it's like he left his brain at school.

Valerie Ruth said...

hey linda i saw your picture with sammy on the cause for paws website