Friday, February 2, 2007

Sun Dogs

The last 2 mornings during my commute home, I've seen beautiful sun dogs. And I don't just mean 2 bright balls on either side of the sun. Lately they've looked like huge rainbows, shooting straight up into the sky. All of the prism colors were present, illuminating the fields and trees below them. And in between them, the sun rose a big red ball that looked like fire itself. Words can't describe and this picture doesn't do justice.

I wondered how sun dogs are made. I started to google it. And then I decided not to. I'd rather not know. I'd rather stay mystified and find myself in awe when I see things that I can't explain. Sun dogs and northern lights are only two. I chose to thank the Creator for things beyond my comprehension and revel in the beauty of the undefined.


Anonymous said...

Hey Val, I've enjoyed the sun dogs the last couple of days as well. Heard them talking about them on the radio too. very beautiful, especially with the colors. i could see red, yellow, green and blue in one on my way home the other day.

Michele said...

wow. great shot of those dogs.

Linda said...

I HATE the cold but those sun dogs are such a beautiful sight. Thanks for posting them.

Wendy said...

oh, sun dogs - oh, what a beautiful reminder. And on the waves of prairie snow. What a great shot. It would have looked really good in the post I did this morning about winter in Winnipeg, wouldn't it? Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey....Alright I'm up to date. I'm a friend that does what I am told. I thought I would comment on this one because I appreciated this one the most. Beautiful!!