Tuesday, February 20, 2007


About a month ago I assisted in a birth that was more stressful than usual. For a multitude of reasons, the pressure was ON. The doctor I was assisting was stressed as well. And it showed. It seemed I couldn't do anything right for him that day. Through it all, I focused on the Mum in labor. I coached her through her contractions and encouraged her. The end result was a healthy baby, a tired but happy Mum, and a proud Dad.

Their nurse, however, was discouraged and drove home in tears.

I was assigned to care for them the next day as well. They told me more than once that they had appreciated my support. They took pictures of me and the little tyke as well. I reminded myself that if the patient was happy I had done my job well.

A couple of evenings ago I found the new family standing in the hallway. They came to show off their little guy and touch base. Then they told me that he had a gift for me and presented me with a small token of their appreciation.

Token of appreciation: pricetag
Words of appreciation: priceless

It felt so good to be appreciated. My focus is on patient care. Although I'd like to please both the patient and the Doctor, I'd rather leave knowing that my patient was happy and well cared for. It was a stressful day. But I'd do it again. And so, one of my worst days has turned into one of my best memories.


Linda said...

I'm not surprised to hear where your priorities lie. Our healthcare system has a lot of troubles but anytime I had to deal with it, I found nurses were absolutely wonderful.

Bless you.

Michele said...

I remember: my best nurse, my worst nurse, and the doctor who tugged on the umbilical cord and almost made me hemmorage. (I probably spelled that wrong.)

I remember apologizing to him because I sprayed blood across him, his glasses, and the blinds on the window. Later I realized he should have apologized to me.

They will never forget you.

wendy said...

so glad i took the moment to stop by and read your blog before I went to bed

like I said, you're a caring woman.

i like you.

Anonymous said...

Now remember that the next time you have a "discouraging" shift!! Love MOM