Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Clean Because I Love

For those of you who know me, I think you'd say I'm a fairly neat person. I think I would keep my house above the average for cleanliness if I were single.

The Husband, however, wins hands down. Everything must be in it's place. Spots on the mirror, fuzz on the carpet, dust on the coffee table pulls him from a comfortable position on the couch to remove the offense. Otherwise there can be no relaxing. I recently let him know that it drives me crazy when he makes his side of the bed when I'm still in it. Perfectly snugged and tucked and in a deep sleep, when suddenly it happens! Ever so quiety he tugs the blanket so that all of my tucking comes undone and his side has no wrinkles. He thinks the rush of cold air to my toasty body won't wake me. He's wrong.

Today is Valentine's day. We don't really get into the commercialism of this "holiday". However, it happens to be my only day off this week. And just to make his day, I shall make the house cleaner than it already is. I shall do laundry, clean the kitchen, dust, clean the mirrors, vacuum. Now that I've blogged it for the world to see, it's a sure thing and not just an ambition.

And when he walks in the door at 1 or 2 AM, it's the first thing he'll notice.

But first, I'm going to warm up from my long walk with Bentley with my first cup of Java for the day and let the TV entertain me for a little while.


MOM said...

Hmmm... thought I checked yesterday and there were no new blog entries -- guess I was wrong! I'm very proud that you are cleaning your house for your husband -- speaking his love language for valentine's day! I would do it too, except I don't think my husband would notice -- not his language!

Kid brother said...

That's very sweet of you! Cleaning is not very often at the front of my agenda. Ever for that matter. Though I do try to make an effort to clean up after myself when I stay over. It's good for me. You should have some self defense mechanism that chastises "The Husband" when he trys to make his side of the bed. I love that guy dearly. He's a fantastic guy.

Linda said...

Now THAT is a great Valentine's present.

I put the empty garbage cans in the bin and took the recycling boxes into the house for Wes yesterday.

WEndy said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Val.