Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Man's Best Friend

One of the things I enjoy most is watching my boys together. The Husband always wanted a dog, and Bentley is proving to be a devoted, adoring companion for him. This is the two of them, wandering through la Barriere park on a snowy Monday.
Reasons why a dog is better than a wife (sometimes):
- he's always happy to see him
- only speaks on command
- listens intently to every spoken word
- never doubts or questions
- is always happy to cuddle
- works hard to please
- is never stressed out or PMS'ing


Ravjo said...

at least you understand


Linda said...

It's great that Bentley is such a good dog for you both!

MOM said...

I understand...my husband desperately needs a dog in his life at all times for all the same reasons! Glad you found one!