Sunday, June 24, 2007

How Plans Change

The original plan this year was to take a frivolous trip, just the two of us in Oct. We were going to fly across the ocean to visit my Kid Sister and Brother In Law in England (or wherever they happen to be at the time) and cavort about Europe.

However, the Husband really wanted to do some serious work around the yard this summer. And I really wanted to take a trip. We compromised. We would beautify the yard during the summer and then take a road trip to the West Coast - a place the Husband has never been.

Now plans change again. The In-Laws are planning a family trip in January. We're going to Disney World. And since we can't do it all, our other plans are out the window.

I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed. Maybe if I had kidlets I'd be a bit more excited. But honestly, I'd rather go on a holiday with my husband. Just the two of us. The In Laws are great people, but sharing accommodations for a week won't be as relaxing as what I was hoping for.


Linda said...

You'll have a good time, no doubt but I understand your desire to have a fun vacation, just you and your sweetie. Hope that happens for you soon.

wendy said...

I'd be disappointed, too...

Knowing you, you'll make the most of the situation and have agood time anyway! Being honest about the disappointment makes it easier to accept it and enjoy it later on, doesn't it?