Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Waking Up

It's 11:54 AM and I am sitting in the basement in front of my computer in my nightie, sipping a cup of Java as if it's truly life-giving. I'm drowsy. We got a new mattress yesterday and the old spine isn't particularly impressed. Here's hoping they learn to get along in the next few days.

I don't know what to do with my day today. The house was cleaned on the weekend and is still pretty much clean. Did the yard work yesterday. So there's really nothing I HAVE to do. There are even leftovers in the fridge for supper tonight. How often does THAT happen??

The Husband is at work. The Dog is outside. This place is quiet except for the hum of the computer and the swishing of the washing machine.

You'd think that I could find peace on a day like today. But my mind races. I hate being idle. I can't relax with myself. I'd rather be working. After all, I had all day yesterday off too.

Maybe one day, like if I ever have kids, I'll appreciate this kind of quiet. But for now the quiet is deafening. I need to make a plan. Get busy. Do something.


Brenda said...

You always were like that! Time-outs in your room by yourself were the worst possible punishments for you.
But you have been making some strides in learning to be peaceful with yourself -- Bentley has been helping you. Making a plan is a good idea -- need some help?
Go to the library, pick up a big bagful of good books. Listen to some good music and work on a puzzle... or knit? Go for a walk. Work on a scrap-booking project or some other such thing. Sit in the sun on your deck and do nothing. Believe me, someday you will long for a day like this! Love MOM

Linda said...

Why don't you call someone and go out for coffee? I'm usually game!

Wendy said...

Call me wierd. I find the quiet even more deafening now that I'm staying home with Gabriel... Possibly even more wierd - I find spending 20 minutes doing what I call the brain-drain really helps. Maybe because for those 20 minutes I'm actively listening to all those thoughts that felt like they fell asleep - I don't really know why, but I know it works for me.

Valerie Ruth said...

really linda?! i might just take you up on that...